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Will The Bikie Law Affect Innocent Motorists


Queensland is currently among a couple countries trying to target and stop crimes linked with bike gangs. However there are concerns, especially from civil liberties groups who view the legislation as impinging on personal liberty. Repeating the claim over by Jarrod, say premier Campbell Newman said in a statement that law abiding motorcyclists don’t have anything to fear.

However, the Australian Council for Civil Liberties says differently, asserting that necessarily innocent cyclists will be impacted. So who is perfect and what exactly do the new laws actually do? Thus far, the institutions have been 26 outlaw motorcycle gangs, including gangs such as the Bandidos,

Finks and Mongols. However, it would also include individuals who are non patched associates of their gangs and many others who correlate with the team. At this moment, it’s not clear that this could comprise. Vicious lawless associates are individuals who perpetrate one of those critical offences named in the invoice.

Under those definitions, there are a couple ways in that non gang riders along with others might be impacted by the laws. They can be targeted by police on the meaning that they belong to or are linked to a named outlaw motorcycle group. Nevertheless, the primary method to recognize a group member is by the credentials in their back their patch.

The New Motoe Law

It is difficult to find out what suspicion the authorities can have a bunch of riders goes to an outlaw motorcycle gang aside from their own patch. Nonetheless, it’s mostly left available to authorities interpretation also has the possibility of confusion.

This has been shown by recent reports which two police officers perplexed a guy’s Sons of Anarchy t-shirt, that comprised a fictitious bikie gang emblem by the favorite HBO series, together with that of an outlaw motorcycle gang patch and we have anecdotal evidence of non outlaw bike gangs groups bringing police harassment and attention.

Concerning the second stage, the definition of an associate is quite wide and involves taking part on any one or more events in the affairs of this institution whatsoever. We don’t understand how the courts will interpret this respect, but the prospect of impacting innocent individuals is unquestionably there. By way of instance, the courts might well find someone who conducts a valid company, such as installing air conditioners to a clubhouse or perhaps hiring a van out to be employed by a club, as an associate.

This sees the prospect of law abiding individuals to get trapped in legal proceedings. So while law abiding men and women aren’t the goal of the legislation, they have the capability to be collateral damage. The laws specifically targets individuals that are associated with called outlaw motorcycle gangs.

However, its definition of the institution is loose and enables opportunities for innocent people to be captured by the law. In the long run, the announcement that law abiding bicycle riders have nothing to be concerned about can’t be maintained without a certainty. I concur with the writer that the assertion that disturbs bicycle riders have nothing to worry about isn’t completely accurate.

Without narrower definitions and steps in place to protect against overzealous policing, there’s a real threat that the legislation will undoubtedly be used expansively, as happened with the consorting legislation passed annually. He had been sentenced to eight months in prison, but that was then overturned. There’s a real concern regarding the possible impact of this type of legislation on the public